#3: What Every Christian Needs to Know About Special Revelation [Podcast]

Your Worldview Minute with Jonathan Morrow Episode 3

In this episode of Your Worldview Minute, we’ll be talking about What Every Christian Needs to Know About Special Revelation. Our culture is fascinated with what’s new—the latest and greatest.

Bombshell headlines and the latest must have gadgets fade and become outdated almost as fast as they come on the scene. We are distracted by what’s trending when our deepest need is to focus on what’s eternal.

Big Questions About Life

What is God like? What is life all about? Why is the world so messed up? What can be done about it? Does God care?

These are personal questions. And we need a personal God to answer them. That’s what special revelation is all about. God moves beyond just public truth to personal truth.

Listen to this podcast to discover 3 Reasons Why Special Revelation Matters.

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Sometimes–many times–people wonder about questions of why they are here or what God wants them to do in life or if they are loved—they look to feelings, circumstances, or friends. But the doctrine of Special Revelation means that God has already spoken in his word. He has made his authoritative communication public, personal, and permanent.

The Bible is God’s special revelation to humanity. We cannot really know God apart from the Bible. It details who God is, what he has done, how we we can know him, and what life is all about. We have everything we need to grow and live well. God has spoken and It’s all waiting for you to discover in the Bible.

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