Interview with C. John Collins On the Days of Genesis [Podcast]

The early chapters of Genesis are some of the most challenging and controversial in all of the Bible…but also some of the most important. In this podcast, I interview leading Hebrew / Old Testament scholar Dr. C. John Collins on questions like: How do we interpret the days of Genesis? What does it mean to take the early chapters of Genesis literally? Did Moses really write Genesis? Is Genesis historical? Who was the original audience and what would they have understood these passages to mean? What does the BIble teach (and not teach) about the age of the earth? And more… As Christians we need to be thoughtful as we approach the text and charitable and humble in our dealings with others who may disagree. Regardless of your position, there is much here that will cause you to think about the inspired text in a fresh way.

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The most accessible explanation of C. John “Jack” Collins’ view on the days of Genesis is Science and Faith: Friends or Foes? (Crossway 2003).

Other helpful books by Dr. Collins: Did Adam and Eve Really Exist? I The God of Miracles I Genesis 1-4: A Linguistic, Literary, and Theological Commentary

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