What Parents Need to Know About Gen Z as Digital Natives

My recent conversation with David Kinnaman of the Barna Group about GEN Z

As parents and those who care about teenagers, what do we need to know about Gen Z as Digital Natives?

Over the past 18 months, I have had the privilege of leading our GEN Z study at Impact 360 Institute with the wonderful team at the Barna Group and David Kinnaman. The research findings are about to be released. (Sign up to watch the free Livestream here).

This will be the most comprehensive research to date on the worldview, attitudes, beliefs, spiritual and moral views, and cultural impact of Gen Z (the generation after Millenials). I have been writing about these issues and how to train students to build a lasting faith (Get your teenager ready). It’s what I wake up thinking about each day.

From the focus groups to the research design, it has been a fascinating experience! If you have a middle schooler or high schooler right now then they are a part of GEN Z. As parents, you will want to know what the world (and worldview) of the next generation is shaping up to be and what that means for how you parent your kids in today’s culture.

Here is just a short video conversation I had with David Kinnaman as we get ready to launch this research.

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Why We Must Go Back Before We Can Move Forward

Recovering the Ancient Paths

Where are you going?

A new year brings with it lots of emotions and thoughts. There are plenty of pathways to choose from. The problem is that they all don’t lead anywhere worth going.

We can be busy but be aimless. Or we can move with purpose on a road that will get us where we want and need to be.

To do that we must go back. We must go back to the ancient roads that God has revealed and walk in them. We are not clever enough to find our own way. For ourselves or for our families.

“Thus says the Lord,
“Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths,
Where the good way is, and walk in it;
And you will find rest for your souls.” – Jer. 6:16

There are so many voices clamoring for our attention–social media, news, entertainment, sensuality, success. There are so many forces that seek to undermine our faith and hope and that of our children.

It All Comes Down to This

But it all comes down to one very important thing. We have to choose to walk. (more…)

Who Chose the Books of the Bible? (VIDEO)

Where Did the New Testament Canon Come From?

Who Chose the Books of the Bible and Why? Where did the New Testament Come From? How was truth transmitted by the earliest Christians in a largely oral and illiterate culture? What did Christians read before there was a Bible? In this video, author, and speaker Jonathan Morrow shares about these questions and more at the Reasons to Believe AMP conference. This talk is based on the fuller discussion of these important issues in his book Questioning the Bible: 11 Major Challenges to the Bible’s Authority.

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“The trustworthiness of the Scriptures lies at the foundation of trust in the Christian system of doctrine, and is therefore fundamental to the Christian hope and life.”—B.B. Warfield

3 Social Media Challenges Every Parent Needs To Help Their Teenager Navigate

And the 3 Key Questions to Ask...

Can you imagine a world without social media? No Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It’s hard right?

The reality is that while Social Media has profoundly shaped us as adults, it is completely reinventing what it means to come of age as a teenager.

As someone who has the privilege of teaching and mentoring students in the areas of Biblical worldview, apologetics, and culture, I get a front row seat to the opportunities and challenges facing our young people.

The irony is we are a culture that longs for connection and intimacy, but we hide behind our devices because they give us the illusion of control. We are afraid of being known.

So as the social media revolution continues, we need to (more…)