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Jonathan speaks around the country helping Christians understand what they believe, why they believe it, and why it matters. He has spoken for organizations, churches, camps, men’s retreats, and institutions such as Impact 360 Institute, Biola University, Kanakuk Kamps, WinShape Camps, Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Conference, The Barna Group, Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Summit Ministries, Stand to Reason (reTHINK), MAVEN, Reasons to Believe, Hume Lake Camps, CRU, Ratio Christi, Classical Conversations, Charleston Southern Univ., Family Research Council, and the Evangelical Philosophical Society. Here are some of his more popular topics:


Apologetics & Worldview Talks:

The Atheist Challenge (Role-Play)
The Bible Challenge – (Role-Play)
Why Truth Matters
Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?
Is Jesus the Only Way to God?
Why Moral Relativism Hurts Everyone
Making the Case for God in a Culture of Unbelief
Can You Trust the Bible?
Who Chose the Books of the Bible and Why?
Has the Bible Been Corrupted and Changed?
Welcome to College: 3 Things Every Student Needs to Live Well
Is Christianity True? (Individual talk or full weekend conference)
Dealing with Doubt on the Journey of Faith
Is Christianity Based on Blind Faith?
How to Defend Your Faith with Clarity and Confidence
Who Was Jesus?
If God is Good, Why is There Evil?
Learning From Jesus How to Live
The Dating Game
Overcoming the Tyranny of Tolerance
Are the Gospels Full of Contradictions?
How to Take a Religious Quest

Special Sessions for Parents, Educators, and Youth Leaders:

The World According to Gen Z (Cultural, Spiritual, and Moral Trends of Today’s Teens)
How to Help Students Own Their Faith
How to Question the Bible and Keep Your Faith

Worldview Integration Coaching:

In an ever-changing culture, each season of life offers new opportunities and challenges for our faith. Contact us to learn more about personalized coaching opportunities with Jonathan for high school & college students, young professionals, parents of students, youth pastors, homeschool co-ops, and Christian educators.

“I have known Jonathan Morrow very well for many years, and I have the upmost respect for the quality of his work, thought and character. He is a leader in the task of integrating Christianity and other fields of study, and I highly endorse his teaching, writing and leadership.” JP Moreland
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Biola University and author of Love Your God With All Your Mind
“Anyone who thinks apologetics is no longer important doesn’t know the world students live in and the questions they ask (and are being asked)…Jonathan Morrow knows students. He knows what they need to know.” John Stonestreet
President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and co-host of BreakPoint radio


To invite Jonathan to come to speak to your conference, church, school, youth group, or camp, please use our contact form.

  Date Event / Event Details City / More Info
+ 02/28/2016
William Lane Craig / Reasonable Faith "Defenders" Class Marietta, GA
  Venue:Johnson Ferry Baptist Church
Marietta, GA
+ 09/24/2016
reTHINK Student Apologetics Conference - Orange County, CA Orange County, CA
  Venue:Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
Orange County, CA
Public Event
+ 10/20/2016
Helping Teenagers Own Their Faith with Jonathan Morrow (Parent / Homeschool Seminar) Newnan, GA
  Workshop:Helping Teenagers Own Their Faith; Atheist Role-PlayPublic Event
Sponsor:Eagle's Nest Christian Home Educators' Association & Classical Conversations of Newnan / Sharpsburg
Venue:Heatherwood Baptist Church
Newnan, GA
+ 10/21/2016—10/22/2016
reTHINK Student Apologetics Conference - Dallas, TX Dallas, TX
  Keynote:How to Question the Bible and Build a Stronger FaithPublic Event
Venue:North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship
Dallas, TX
Register to attend
+ 10/25/2016
C.S. Lewis Institute - Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA
  Keynote:How to Live Out Your Faith With Confidence in a Post-Christian CulturePublic Event
+ 10/31/2016—11/02/2016
Impact 360 Gap Year "Intro to Philosophy" Module Pine Mountain
  Full-day Seminar:Does Truth Matter? / What is Knowledge and Why Does it Matter? (Epistemology & Metaphysics)Private Event
Sponsor:Impact 360 Gap Year
Venue:Impact 360 Institute
5565 GA Hwy 354
Pine Mountain 31822
United States
+ 02/24/2017—02/25/2017
AMP 2017 Conference - San Dimas, CA San Dimas, CA
  Keynote:Who Chose the Books of the Bible and Why?Public Event
Venue:Christ’s Church of the Valley
San Dimas, CA
+ 03/10/2017—03/12/2017
Helping Teenagers Own Their Faith (For Parents) Douglasville, Ga
  Full-day Seminar:Helping Teenagers Own Their Faith 
Venue:Pray's Mill Baptist Church
Douglasville, Ga
+ 03/23/2017—03/24/2017
Ratio Christi - Tennessee Tech - Who Chose the books of the Bible and Why? Cookeville, TN
  Keynote:Who Chose the Books of the Bible and Why?Public Event
Venue:Tennessee Tech
Cookeville, TN
+ 04/21/2017—04/22/2017
reTHINK Student Apologetics Conference 2017 - Birmingham, AL Birmingham, AL
  Keynote:How to Question the Bible and Build a Stronger FaithPublic Event
Venue:Briarwood Presbyterian Church
Birmingham, AL
Register to attend
+ 05/01/2017—05/05/2017
University of the Nations (YWAM) Kona, Hawaii Kona, Hawaii
  Venue:University of the Nations (YWAM)
Kona, Hawaii
Private Event
+ 05/25/2017—05/27/2017
Thrive! The NCHE Homeschool Conference 2017 - Winston-Salem, NC Winston-Salem, NC
  Keynote:Welcome to College, Does God Exist?, The Problem of Evil and Suffering, Can You Trust the Bible?, Is Jesus the Only Way to God?, Dealing with Doubt, Helping Students Own Their FaithPublic Event
Venue:Twin City Quarter (Benton Convention Center, Embassy Suites & Marriott)
Winston-Salem, NC
Register to attend
+ 06/12/2017—06/14/2017
Biola University Masters in Christian Apologetics Class - (Scripture: Authority, Canon, and Criticism) La Mirada, CA
  Full-day Seminar:Scripture: Authority, Canon, and CriticismRegister to attend
Venue:Biola University
La Mirada, CA
+ 01/23/2018
Who Is Gen Z Conference (Barna Group + Impact 360 Institute) Atlanta, GA
   Register to attend
+ 02/16/2018—02/18/2018
Foundations of Faith Conference (Gateway Christian Church) SAINT ALBANS, WV
+ 03/02/2018—03/03/2018
reTHINK Apologetics Conf. (Dallas, TX) Dallas, TX
+ 03/16/2018—03/18/2018
D-Now Worldview Weekend DeRidder, LA
  Venue:First Baptist Church
DeRidder, LA
+ 04/16/2018—04/18/2018
Welcome to College + Next Gen Ministry Seminar Midland, TX
  Venue:Stonegate Fellowship
Midland, TX
+ 04/20/2018—04/21/2018
reTHINK Student Apologetics Conf. Birmingham, AL


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