Asking the Hard Questions About the Bible

All of us have questions about the Bible. At the end of the day, what we have to figure out is what we will do with those questions.

Will we keep them hidden and allow unanswered questions to slowly erode our confidence that God has spoken? Or will we courageously question the Bible in a way that actually builds our faith?

Honestly, the first hurdle is
getting over the idea that good Christians shouldn’t ask the hard questions. It’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing this as a lack of faith. And then there is the fear of what everyone else may think if they find out.

Questioning the Bible isn’t always comfortable. In fact it can be downright scary. If we dig underneath “because the Bible says so” what will we find? Have we based our lives on a bunch of fairytales?

How we view the Bible is no small matter. A lot is at stake. The God of the universe may actually have spoken. If Christianity is true then there are authoritative answers to life’s biggest questions.

Luke Asked the Hard Questions

As I read the Bible I find people asking the hard questions. My favorite example is Luke who was one of the earliest biographers of Jesus. In a way, Luke was questioning the Bible even before there was a Bible. He investigated everything carefully. He interviewed eyewitnesses. He cross-examined the evidence (Luke 1:1-4). Why? So that he and others might know the truth. And knowing the truth is powerful because it sets people free for life.

There’s no doubt that questions can be messy. But life is messy. Deep down we all long for a real-world faith that’s rooted in reality. When we know why we believe, it frees us up to live out the truth with confidence. And that’s what our world desperately needs.

This week give yourself (or someone around you) permission to ask the hard questions. I’ve got good news for you. What we believe is actually true!


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