Welcome to College


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‘I know of no better book you can put into the hands of a Christian student headed to college.’John Stonestreet
President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview
“Wow! What a book! Quite frankly, this is the book I’ve been waiting for the last forty years to give to college students. It is the single best volume I have ever read for preparing students for how to follow Jesus and flourish as his disciple in college.” J.P. Moreland
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University
“Jonathan has both the intellectual resources as well as the practical experience to provide an effective students’ survival guide to university life. I’m impressed with the wide array of issues he discusses, from intellectual challenges to financial problems to sexual snares to getting enough sleep! All this is done in easily digestible bits for the student on the run.”William Lane Craig
Theologian and author, Reasonable Faith
“Unpacking biblical truths, Welcome to College is a treasure book of wisdom that will literally save lives and help build a culture of life.” Kelly Monroe Kullberg
Finding God Beyond Harvard: The Quest for Veritas
“Reading this book is like having your own personal mentor and friend to guide you through the rough rapids of college life. College is a great experience, but it can also be faith-shattering if you are not adequately prepared. This book is perfect for the high school senior who is curious about what college life will be like. It is also helpful to the college student who is dealing with the day-to-day challenges and questions faced both in and out of the classroom. — Mark Schmahl, Pastor of Student Ministries Believers’ Chapel, Murfreesboro, TNMark Schmahl
Pastor of Student Ministries Believers’ Chapel, Murfreesboro, TN
“This book will prepare anyone who is either enrolled in college or is planning to go to college for the daily challenges Christians deal with on campus. Jonathan Morrow is aware of the real college world and is dead-on with his excellent insight.”Blake Smith
Junior, Texas Tech University
“Whether you are an incoming freshman or upperclassman, Jonathan provides straightforward, practical insight for dealing with current issues regarding living the Christian life on campuses everywhere. Not only is this a great read, but you will find a place to turn to when questions or struggles show their face.” Taylor McCabe
Junior, Baylor University

Questioning the Bible


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“Questioning the Bible is simply a fabulous book. It asks the skeptical questions people are asking about the Bible and then gives solid answers that are aware of where the real discussion is and what the good options are. In a world that is becoming more skeptical and in a church where many have no idea how to answer such questions, here is a resource that can give real aid and comfort.” Darrell Bock
Senior Research Professor of New Testament and Executive Director of Cultural Engagement at Dallas Theological Seminary
“The Bible is under more scrutiny than ever before. Yet Jonathan Morrow is up to the task! Questioning the Bible offers insightful and well-researched responses to the top objections. It is ideal for the person who genuinely wants to know whether the Bible can be trusted. I highly recommend it for individuals and group study.” – Sean McDowell, PhD is an assistant professor at Biola university, popular speaker, and the author of Apologetics for a New GenerationSean McDowell, PHD
assistant professor at Biola university, popular speaker, and the author of Apologetics for a New Generation
“Jonathan Morrow deftly addresses eleven major challenges to the Bible’s authority… It needs to be read and studied in groups or individually. And it must be given to friends and relatives, especially college students, who need to consider the wisdom in its pages.” J.P. Moreland
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Talbot School of Theology
“Anyone who thinks apologetics is no longer important doesn’t know the world students live in and the questions they ask (and are being asked). But Jonathan Morrow knows students. He knows what they need to know, and that’s why this book is so helpful. In it, you will find clear, concise answers that Christians, especially students, need when (not if) the truthfulness of their faith is challenged.”John Stonestreet
Senior Fellow of Worldview and Culture for the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and co-host of BreakPoint radio
“For the skeptic, the Bible is a big target. He raises serious questions about alleged errors, apparent contradictions, canonicity, authorship, textual corruption, morality and much more. At the end of this intellectual onslaught, the Bible’s authority is seemingly wiped out and the skeptic feels justified in dismissing it altogether. Tragically, most believers have no adequate response and when the challenges come, most retreat into an anti-intellectual privatized “faith” or worse, lose all confidence in the Bible’s authority as well. Church leaders have largely failed to equip their people. That’s why Jonathan’s book is so important. He answers the most pressing objections to the Bible in a way that is intelligent, relevant and accessible. You don’t have to be a scholar to defend the Bible, you just need this book.“Brett Kunkle
Student Impact Director at Stand to Reason
“In our pluralistic age, evangelical Christianity is increasingly characterized by hesitant witness and half-hearted obedience. Jonathan Morrow charts the erosion of confidence in the Bible that lies at the root of this malaise, and addresses the waves that are causing this erosion. No other book so thoroughly and convincingly addresses the contemporary challenges to the authority of God’s word. Questioning the Bible should be read-studied-by any Christian attempting to be faithful to Scripture.” – Garrett J. DeWeese, Research Professor, Talbot School of TheologyGarrett J. DeWeese
Research Professor, Talbot School of Theology

From Back Cover:

Can a thoughtful person today seriously believe that God wrote a book? There are an unprecedented number of sophisticated attacks on the origin, credibility, and reliability of the Bible. It can be difficult to know what to say when skepticism and secularism take over so many conversations.

Additionally, confusion and doubt about the Bible being God’s Word are becoming as common inside the church as they are in the broader culture. The purpose of this book is to respond to these challenges, sound bites, and slogans…and give people confidence that the Bible can be trusted and that it matters for our lives because God really has spoken.

Is God Just A Human Invention?


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“Finally, a book about the ‘New Atheism’ that is not only hard-hitting, but also accessible and engaging for the average reader. Sean McDowell and Jonathan Morrow have assembled some of the finest thinkers in the Christian world and have turned them loose to provide clear and articulate answers to the questions ‘backyard skeptics’ in our lives ask. You get only a few pages into this book before you see the shallowness and blindness of the popular New Atheism and, by stark contrast, the rationality of belief in the God of the Bible. This is a book to buy for all of your skeptical coworkers, neighbors, or family members. Then challenge them to meet with you weekly as you work through the chapters. They (and you) will never be the same.”Craig J. Hazen
PhD Founder and director of the MA program in Christian Apologetics, Biola University, and author of Five Sacred Crossing
“Fashion trends come and go. Music trends come and go. New ways of challenging historical Christian faith come and go. Truth lasts. But sadly, many miss the difference between truth and trends. In another time period of challenges to faith, this book provides well-thought- out, intelligent, and very practical responses. These are the questions that we cannot ignore today. Sean McDowell and Jonathan Morrow guide us to see unshakeable truth in the midst of what can feel like unnerving and scary questions.”Dan Kimball
Author of They Like Jesus but Not the Church
“Sean McDowell and Jonathan Morrow ask questions that deserve to be discussed between believers and their atheist friends. I hope this book will be a springboard for that dialogue. I, for one, want to debate it with them!”David Fitzgerald
Atheist author/activist and director of the Atheist Film Festival and Evolutionpalooza!

From Back Cover:

Atheism is making a comeback. From bookstores to bus campaigns, the question of God is up for public debate–and well-known atheists like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are leading the charge. While these authors, who have been dubbed “The New Atheists,” argue against religion in general, they aim most of their criticisms and complaints at the world’s largest religion–Christianity. Why are people reading books that bash God and ridicule faith? And how can Christians respond?

The writings of the New Atheists are especially challenging to the emerging generation who are skeptical of authority and have not been given answers to the hows and whys of faith’s honest questions. For these readers especially, authors Sean McDowell and Jonathan Morrow have penned an accessible yet rigorous look at the arguments of the New Atheists. Writing from a distinctively Christian perspective, McDowell and Morrow lay out the facts so that the emerging generation can make up their own mind after considering all the evidence. Divided into two parts–the first addressing the scientific and philosophical challenges to belief in God and the second dealing with the moral and biblical challenges–Is God Just a Human Invention? will respond to each major argument in a way that is balanced, thorough, and easy to understand.

McDowell and Morrow believe that the current religious landscape is both an opportunity and a challenge for people of faith. Now is the time to respond.

Everyone has questions about God…are you prepared to engage?

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Think Christianly


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Online reviews: Holly Ordway for Apologetics 315 | Tom Gilson for Thinking Christian

“As someone who has devoted many years of ministry to teaching Christian worldview. I am thrilled to see dynamic and faithful worldview leaders like Jonathan Morrow stepping to the fore. Think Christianly, in a compelling and accessible way, equips Christians young and old to engage the culture winsomely, intelligently, and with confidence.”Chuck Colson
Founder, Prison Fellowship and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview
“Think Christianly is a remarkable and important achievement. Written in an interactive and accessible style, it covers an exhaustive range of topics. Indeed, I know of no other book like it in this regard, and it it now the first book to which to turn for learning the specifics of how to think Christianly.”
J.P. Moreland
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy,Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, and author of The God Question
“We Christians love to lob rhetorical grenades at the surrounding culture from the safety of our holy huddle. What’s far more difficult—and effective—is to engage the issues of our day with intelligence, moral clarity, and biblical wisdom. That’s exactly what Jonathan Morrow does in Think Christianly. Morrow has a knack for elucidating complex ideas and applying timeless truth to contemporary topics. He’s also done a fine job of gathering top Christian thinkers and presenting their ideas on issues ranging from the role of the Bible to bioethics. Think Christianly is a significant addition to the faith and culture conversation and a readable primer for church leaders. It belongs in the library of every thoughtful Christian.”Drew Dyck
Managing editor of Leadership Journal and author of Generation Ex-Christian: Why Young Adults are Leaving the Faith…and How to Bring Them Back (Moody, 2010)
“In a time when truth is distorted and biblical teachings are misunderstood, our commitment to engaging culture must not be compromised…Think Christianly is a much needed resource as we seek to honor God in both what we believe and how we live.”Jason Hayes
National Young Adult Ministry Specialist, LifeWay Christian Resources

Every generation of Christ-followers lives at the intersection of faith and culture; now it’s our turn…

The Bible doesn’t make us choose between cultivating a thoughtful faith and demonstrating radical love. Why should the church?